Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The idea or plot for magic med came to me at a time when i noticed i was occupied with things thats weren't healthy for me and took up a lot of my time and on a basic level thats what the film is about, addictions to away of life or thing or person or what ever u want to relate it to, in this case its drugs, at the start of the film we are introduced to samora a recovering addict and his friend Travis, Travis still cant kick the habit and uses Samora as a way of justifying his addiction, Travis visits Samora we can assume they haven't seen each other in a while and that is where the film starts. In the film i decided to actualise samoras addiction he is litterally shakeled and chained to it his addiction is demonstrated as his Doppelgänger a haggard looking version of him that represents his past and potential future.

MAGIC MEDICINE starring Samora Gager and Travis Rowland

Magic Medicine was an idea i came up with a few years ago i would say sometime in 2006 a few things have change but the main story is pretty much as it has ever been. These are the early drawing of the main characters Travis and Samora